tirsdag 1. november 2011


The first time I met the expression "Wild and Free" was back in the eighties. At that time truks was on my mind. This t-shirt is from the Ontario truck stop in Los Angeles.

I feel "Wild and Free" nowadays too, but today it is life in the Norwegian wilderness which apply. Being outdoors make me feel as free as the eagle in the sky. Almost every day me, my girl friend and my alaska husky spend a lot of time in the woods and mountains. This spring I saw and eagle on its nest. This bird lives in South Africa during wintertime, and arrive Norway in april/may to mate.  Awesome !
Picture from South Norway april 2011 - kajaq7
Follow this blog and you will see pictures from my hikes in the wilderness.

You can altso see pictures of the things I make in my workshop. Like knifes (made like the vikings did), boxes made the old tradisional way and knited wilderness caps (relly needed in cold weather !)

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